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Changes to the globe System

You may have noticed a change to your globe homepage in recent days. We have made enhancements to the site that allow you to manage and track your progress through your globe courses.  As you will see on your homepage, the column headings have been changed to 'Progress' and 'Marked'.  Under 'Progress' you will see a percentage which indicates how far along you have progressed through your course (more on this in a bit).  Under 'Marked' you will see either a 'Yes' or a 'No'.  This indicates whether or not your course Overall Assessment has been marked by a globe tutor yet.
As you can see on your homepage, your courses will all be 0% complete.  When the percentage complete reads 100% the course name on your homepage will turn green and you will have indicated that you have completed the learning on this course.  This percentage is managed by you - giving you the ability to determine for yourself whether or not you feel ready to progress to the next module. You do this my marking each module as 'Complete' by clicking on the 'Incomplete' button located at the bottom of each module page.
Each module defaults to 'Incomplete', so by clicking on this, you will change the status to 'Complete', which will be reflected in the progress column of your homepage.  And that's it!
If you have any questions about this or any other globe features, please contact the globe team at or ring the office at 0191 4387999.


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